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These are companies we have been working with already and we are very satisfied.

Manufacturing Hemp Pouches

Pouches with zipper

Industrial Gearboxes

We are one of the leading suppliers of gearboxes, gear wheels, rims, gear couplings, complete drives, winches and various spare parts with over 90 years of tradition, and extensive know-how and huge experience with complex projects.

We also excel in related services, including design and calculation of drawing documentation, heat treatment, welding, grinding of gearing, overhauling and repair of gear boxes.

We are active in number of industries, including energy, mining, metallurgy, railway and marine transportation.

Our team of 132 professionals is highly experienced, well educated and proven on preparation and execution of plenty of demanding projects. We build on a lean management structure, focusing heavily on the skilled blue - collar workers as well as the engineering and sales department teams. 

Aerospace Industry - Composite Parts


The company represents a Czech private manufacturer established in 1995 in Prague. The Company supplies composite parts to aircraft and helicopters manufacturers worldwide. Ensuring top quality and providing individual approach to each customer are major core competences. Its own engineering team and scope of activities from prototyping, serial production, tooling, finishing and assembly are among others.

Approved as Part 21G and Part 145 organizations, holding AS9100, the company produces and repairs both structural and interior parts in compliance with technical documentations and manuals.

Additionally, The Company is also involved in aircraft refurbishment and aftermarket business, participates on completely new aircraft design by delivering composite structural parts and has its active in space industry.

The key technology is based on prepreg technology with curing in the autoclaves. The Company has expertise with various composite materials and other technology.

Aerospace Industry


We offer complex services in NDT = nondestructive testing, which contain every standard method of testing: PT, MT, UT, ET, RT, VT, LT.
Main activities

  • NDT training, qualification and certification of NDT workers Level I, II and III
  • Development and production of devices and equipment for NDT testing
  • Outside agency services - outsourcing of your company NDT systems
  • NDT inspections for all industries
  • Inspection activities in industry - independent assessment of conformity, safety and quality
  • Providing of accredited activities according to the requirements of CSN EN ISO / IEC 17043 for the area of "Proficiency testing of NDT laboratories"

Aerospace Industry

We are focused on design of individual aircraft versions, performance of design changes including testing, maintenance and repairs. It is also the only company worldwide to offer a new all-metal glider. The company provides complete service and support for all glider operators within the AW. Company offers modernization, support and services for existing fleet.

The company is divided into three independent divisions:

- Design Division

- Production Division

- Maintenance Division