Hemp Pouches with zipper

TOCLL LLC, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Manufacturing hemp pouches for the biggest tobacco companies of the World.

Aerodesign Labs

Lee Sanders

Lee - Aerospace Innovator is improving not just aviation, but makes new strides toward a Greener Planet with this new project where his and our team manufacture more aerodynamic parts for airplanes. We have been working on this project with ADL since 2018. 

Packaging Pouches

Hannacan Enterprises Inc.

Tom O` Connell


INKOM - MODERNISATION OF AIRCRAFT L410 our part in this project is complete development of aircraft door ...

Korean Air

Jae-Sung Yun

We have been working with Korean Air since 2019.


Task is to co-operate in design, engineering and manufacturing of prototypes of all parts made of com...


Production of antiseptic products was an another challenge. Due to the excellent quality and excellent price, we produce antiseptic products worldwide.